Is Utility Software Useful?


Utility software enables the computer work faster and more efficiently. Basically, it performs non core functions such as monitoring the operating system, data storage and computer hardware. Though some utility software come already integrated in the operating system, they can still be installed as an add on. Though utility software can be thought as performing non essential functions, in real sense, these functions are very essential to the normal operations of the computer.

Importance of Utility Software
The name itself ‘utility’ means usefulness, effectiveness or helpfulness. In other words, utility software can be referred as ‘useful software’. Without it, be prepared for a disaster. The functions of utility software can be divided into system monitoring, system profiling, file management and security

1. Monitoring the System
Utility software monitors resources and performance of the computer. It defines how well the computer works by measuring the computer temperature and monitoring resources such as internet connection, RAM usage and other resources. It keeps a log of everything your computer runs and alerts you if it detects unusual issue. Browsing is made possible by this software as without it you cannot configure the internet settings. Additionally, it alerts you on how much data you upload and download, which are imperative in limited internet connectivity.

2. System Profiling
Any time you install a software or configure a hardware. Utility software is usually the first to recognize it and give an in depth analysis about the new media. It alerts you in case it detects any malware. Most of the applications are also launched by this software. When your computer runs slow, the software is usually the first to identify the cause and go ahead in fixing it through cleaning of temporary and unnecessary files, dead weight data and unused programs.

3. File Management
It performs a range of routine data management, data and email recovery tasks. This essential functions help to secure your data against failure and accidental eradication. It helps in creating backups, copying of files, finding the files, creation of folders, restoration of backups, creation of catalogs, renaming files, deleting folders and formatting the disk. Additionally, it checks how disk space is distributed and guards against memory failure.

4. Disk Functions
Performs a wide range of disk functions such as disk defragmentation, disk partitioning, checking and clearing. It compresses disk space so as to increase the capacity and increase the latency. Additionally it divides a drive into multiple ones, for which each can be mounted on an operating system and be treated as a separate drive.

5. System security
It scans the disk for any virus and also checks the internet, hardware and newly installed software for any malware. It scans the files, reports and fixes any threat. All incoming files are likewise checked by this software. With the rise of internet use, rapid sharing of files and sloppy ethics, system security is needed now more than any other time.

However, it is important to note that, it is somehow difficult to get a single utility software that performs all the listed functions. If you need a function which is not in the scope of your utility software, it is recommended that you upgrade it or purchase an add on. For example, if you want enhanced system security, go for an antivirus software. To effectively launch applications, install application launchers.

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